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I will be pleased to discuss with you on any of items mentioned below.

Angkor : One of the world's greatest cultural heritage in Cambodia is collapsing due to the natural environment there. Private citizens in Japan including myself and wife as well as academia, corporations, and governmental bodies join the studies and activities for its restoration with each own capacity.
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Mongolia : History of Inner Mongolia from the 1930s to the 1940s is of my interest. Suggestion of available materials on it, if any, will be appreciated.
--> what's Inner Mongolia?
--> what's Mongol?

"Hamoni no Ie" (The House of Harmony) : A concert hall with 80 seats in Tadeshina highland resort, located at 3 hour drive northwest from Tokyo, has been jointly owned and operated by 110 club members of "Hamoni no Ie no Kai" (The House of Harmony Club) since 1982. The club consists of classic musicians, artists, scholars, doctors, lawyers, engineers, office workers including myself. A few more memberships are available now for ones who love classic music and friendship. Recommendation by club member is requested to join it. Contact me, if interested.
-->The House of Harmony

Argentine Tango : Having a pretty bandoneon made in 1930, I play it "a poco" with band mates occasionally. One of problems for us is shortage of scores which are suitable for amateur players. Advice or suggestion on it will be appreciated.
--> what's bandoneon?
--> all about Tango music

Renku : Renku, or Haikai, is the traditional chain poem in Japan. Kasen is a typical format of Renku established by Basho in the 17th century which consists of 36 one-line poems submitted consecutively by several attendants according to some rules. I enjoy it with my friends, and will be pleased to show you some of our recent works, in Japanese, or you can see them on the book named "Shiboku Kasen" with reference number KH11-E656 at National Diet Library, Tokyo .
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